Petition for the immediate release of Laurent Gbagbo

Laurent Gbagbo, the constitutionally elected President in Côte d'Ivoire, sworn into office on December 4th 2010 was handed over, on April 11th 2011, to Alassane Ouattara by the French army with the complicity of the UN. Alassane Ouattara has been imposed at the head of Cote d’Ivoire based on elections fraudulent results illegally proclaimed yet recognized by the UN Secretary General’s Representative, the Korean Choi Young-jin.
To military crushing, a reminder of the worst days of its colonial policy in Africa, France added the humiliation which the Congolese Patrice Lumumba had suffered before he was assassinated half a century ago with the complicity of the UN.

Laurent Gbagbo, the historical opponent since the late 1960s, who embodied the fight for multiparty and democracy in Côte d'Ivoire never took weapons and was democratically elected in 2000. Laurent Gbagbo was handed over by elements of French Licorne Force to the very same hands of those who sought to overthrow him through a military coup in September 2002; this aborted coup led to the partition of the country and threw the Ivorian people into a deadly crisis.

We, the undersigned
Pachomius Adjourouvi Albert Bourgi Guy Labertit, Christian Mensah, character, sex, Olympia Bhëly Quenum Marcel Amondji, Cheikh Oumar Diarrah, Amath Dansokho, Michel Galy, Gaston Kelman, Malick Ndiaye, Hermann Yameogo, Jean Marie Teno, Francis Kpatindé, Theophilus Kouamouo Leopold Gnininvi, Herve Emmanuel Nkom ...

* the intervention of France in Cote d'Ivoire which goes beyond the UN mandate and violates International Law;
* State lies of the French Government and the collusion of many media.
* abuses and killings of Laurent Gbagbo's followers since his unlawful arrest by Alassane Ouattara’s troops; the first victim being the former Minister of Justice and Interior, Désiré Tagro.

The war policy - illegal and costly - led by President Sarkozy with the complicity of United States’ Administration, African Heads of States and the United Nations , which put OR putting African diplomacy under guardianship. **

the immediate release of Laurent Gbagbo because reconciliation cannot be achieved in Côte d'Ivoire without Laurent Gbagbo alive and free.

Please sign the petition for immediate release of Laurent Gbagbo

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